Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy, Gratefulness

Leonard Nimoy was remembered today on NPR for bringing gravitas to his role as Mr.Spock.  I treasure 48 years of memories of him in that role, embodying so many qualities I've admired.  I think he may have been a role model for this geeky little boy back in 1967.

But my favorite memory is most recent, when he joined the NPR comedy game show "Wait,Wait,Don't Tell Me." After lots of jokes, many at expense of uber-geek host Peter Seigel, Nimoy gave a heartfelt response to a question about the actor's famous frustration with his being so identified with one character.  (His first book was titled I Am Not Spock.)  "Not a day goes by that someone doesn't come up to me to tell me what a difference the character of Spock has made in their lives.  I can feel nothing but gratitude for playing that role."  (Paraphrased from memory.)

I tear up every time I repeat this anecdote, even now.  I'm not sure why.

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