Monday, January 19, 2015

Song Parody: "Camelot"

If I could write song parodies for a living, I'd be happy.  For the retirement of our Parish registrar Michael Campion this past Sunday, I took off from "Camelot."  Little did I know that Michael, just shy of his 90th birthday, met Richard Burton backstage within a couple of years of the actor's introducing this song.   To get some "in" jokes, you need to know that Michael immigrated here from England after World War II, that he was also the head verger, and that he directed the parish's theatre group "Polk Street Players."
Our registrar keeps up a little list, here
Parishioners since St. James' was begun.
He never gets his knickers in a twist, here,
Not Campion!

When you see acolytes are in a tizzy,
Or vergers in their vestments on the run,
They're freaking, asking everyone "Where IS he?
Where's Campion?"

Campion!  Campion!
We guess he's over sixty - four.
But for Campion, our champion,
Retirement's a bore.

Despite his age, he'd climb up high on ladders
To light the Polk Street Players as he'd like.
In short, there is no one
Who knows how things are done
More serious or generous than
Michael Campion!
I'm especially pleased that I could match Alan Jay Lerner's subtle inner rhyme on the syllables "Like" and "Mich-"

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