Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Almost 9 O'Clock: Being Mom to my Mom

I was reminding Mother that she fell last Wednesday and bruised her arms; fell the next night so that I had to rush away from dinner in Atlanta to stand beside her in the Emergency Room; that she called me around 6:45 Monday night to "come up here and solve all my problems for me." By 7, I was with her, and we were laughing about all this.

Tonight, I've worked two hours on this blog with single-minded concentration, forgetting even to drink water.  I'm thirsty, my head hurts, and my neck is stiff. But I'm happy: My phone hasn't vibrated even once, and it's 8:58 pm.  Odds are, we've made it for another night.

At a routine doctor visit on Friday [see photo], she laughed, "Having me is just like having a teenage boy, isn't it?  Serves you right!"

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