Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Daily Devotion: A Sample

(Reflections on the readings assigned for today in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. )

Some of us at St. James Episcopal Church in Marietta are inviting parishioners to participate in creating a book of daily meditations for Lent 2009. To give volunteers an idea of how a reflection on Scripture could also tie in with our experiences as parishioners, I composed a sample meditation on today's assigned readings, which are listed at the bottom:

Colassians 1:10. ...bearing fruit in every good work and increasing with knowledge of God.

Every year at this time, I'll pull out of my driveway worrying about work and schedules, and be startled by shades of pink and bright green in the trees. While I've focused on my hectic winter schedule, there were forces working under the surface, with sunshine and rain and nutrients in the soil, preparing all these buds and blossoms to appear seemingly overnight.

The readings for today start with some kind of cleansing to dedicate a community to God, and then look ahead to "bearing fruit." It's comforting to think that God can be working under the surface in my life, too, even while I'm distracted with errands and meetings.

Still, Paul connects growth to "increasing with knowledge of God." I'm old enough to have heard every word of scripture at least once, but I hope that doesn't mean I've no room to grow in knowledge of God. I think that's why the Scripture emphasizes community so much: we need to teach and work with each other to grow beyond book knowledge.

Thinking of these things, I now imagine walking from the sanctuary down the long corridor as moving from the roots up the trunk. In the Parish Hall, I see children, adults, and seniors conversing over coffee and snacks, while Father Ray's Power Point flashes all kinds of learning, worship, service and fellowship opportunities that engage our community every week: branches that shoot off in all directions, bearing fruit.

Psalms 28, 36, 39; Exodus 19:1-16; Col. 1:1-14; Matthew 3:7-12

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