Friday, June 27, 2008

Doing Someone Else's Homework: Part One

(Some background to this posting: as the prime mover behind putting together our church's book of meditations for Lent 2009, I'm covering for people who've already missed two deadlines to write on Scriptures scheduled in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. If their work comes in time for the booklet, okay, we'll use their work. If so, at least here on the blog, it has a chance to be seen. Here's the first installment.)

Meditation for TUESDAY, March 10, 2009

Jer. 2:13 They have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves... that can hold no water.

"Here," God says to his people, "I give you fountains, yet you lick the bottom of a leaky basin." Isn't this the only plot in the Bible? Think of other examples: Here's a garden with everything you need. . . Here's a rainbow and a second chance . . . Here's the promised land . . . Here's a new covenant . . . Here is my beloved son. . . .

God is like the parent whose child says, "I'll do it my way! Leave me alone!" It's amazing that the parent loves the child anyway. We've all been in the position of that parent, and we've all been in the position of that child, and it doesn't always get better when the "child" has grown to middle age.

Isn't this also the plot of our daily lives? Here's exercise that will improve your health . . . Here's a plan to control spending . . . Here's a chance to speak honestly . . . Here's the time you need to complete that homework . . . Here's a way to resolve this conflict without venting your anger . . . .

Our church's Journey to Adulthood program (J2A) helps our younger parishioners to break through this pattern in their own lives, but those of us who've made it to adulthood still need that lesson. What message do we hear at St. James? Here is quiet time for prayer to get closer to God . . . Here is regular worship to start your week. . . Here is a group working to help our community . . . Here are daily devotions on line . . . Here is a class for discussion and growth . . . Here is access to confession, counseling and a weekly service of healing . . . Here is ______ (fill in the blank: music, a meal, a movie, a game, a knitting group) to share with others on the same journey to growth.

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